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Hello all, wanted to know about Reddcoin kryptolite what they say about it how to get it, thank you

Hello all, wanted to know about Reddcoin kryptolite what they say about it how to get it, thank you.

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Transform a geek/tech head wallet for Granny's to use

Hello all,

I also think that one of the most important thing to have RDD widely used is to be simple. I cannot say it better than “One button app”.
It should be easy, fast and design. And integrated in the already existing solution (nobody wants to download 10 software to be able to have something).

For information, I’m quite new to RDD so keep this in mind reading my comment, I can be wrong on topics, but I still want to help :)

So far my ideas on this topic:

Design: Must be great (site and RDD introduction video are already beautiful so keep the same style) Fast: (already the case) Secure: but not complex
Could we have a cloud service for backup? If my computer crash, and my smartphone is dead, then I re-download RDD wallet, answer questions / email / password and have everything back. Multi platform
Already the case as all the information are in the blockchain, so the computer and phone will have same level of information if sync. Still one same Redd-ID profile must be used. Easy (one button)
Cryptonator is nice
But I want to come back on the idea from John Nash interview, the browser plugin:
If RDD app is on my phone then if I go to my phone facebook / reddit / instagram / etc, RDD app can run on background and can communicate with all of those app.
If I’m on my computer then the RDD wallet can communicate with browser extension that communicate with all the pages (facebook, reddit, instagram, etc).
So you would have to install only the RDD wallet on computer (or phone) (that will add a browser extension) and the app on your phone.
Next step would be to have only the app to install on your phone, a website like https://waveswallet.io/ and auto-discussion between website and a browser plugin.

Something like that?

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