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[Wallet] Official Release - Reddcoin Core v2.0.1.2

A new version of the purse is involved in the generation of new coins or just for storage?

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General chit-chat revolved around Reddcoin.

Question about networkweight

@ball0r Thanks Perfect

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Where technical questions and discussions are placed.

Reddcoin backup after every transaction?

@ball0r u talk about adress
wallet contains this adresses
backup - no need, no difference

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General Marketing discussion to promote and spark ideas.

Reddcoin Integration to the Steam Network Petition

This shit didnt work i told u nobody will accept reddcoin nowhere. Still 3 years for redd id :D waiting

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Reddcoin Eco-system

XCH4NGE - It's time for CH4NGE

Who are we? – https://www.xch4nge.com is a new cryptocurrency platform with a difference. Located and registered in the United Kingdom XCH4NGE will provide a platform which permits its users from across the globe to buy, sell, exchange and store their cryptocurrencies.

To become a user, you need to go through the registration process. This process includes providing some information about yourselves. Visit here to register: https://www.xch4nge.com/#RegisterNow

Information Required:

Know Your Customer

Registering as a new user? More information is available on our new user registration page and Know Your Customer Page. We also have a special section for miners looking to disclose of currency on a larger scale.

We are currently hard at work finalising the XCH4NGE platform. We will be posting regular updates with progress. To be among the first users to use our new exchange, sign up for email updates.

Buy, sell, trade, store crypto
Facilitate quick transactions
Use an advanced Peer-to-Peer system for buying and selling crypto

Want to learn more about us? Visit here:https://www.xch4nge.com/hub/

Connect with us!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/XCH4NGE/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/xch4nge1
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/xch4nge/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/xch4nge/

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A place to ask any questions or problems you may be experiencing.

What happend to my Reddcoins?

@ball0r Thank you!
Hope the tutorial will help!

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Learn the inner workings of Reddcoin and crypto-currencies in general.

Two wallets on two different PC's

@svenvaeth must be same stake, then friend

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Chit-Chat about anything!

XchangeCoin - Buy & sell crypto easier than ever

What Is XchangeCoin - https://xchangecoin.co/

XchangeCoin (XCC) believes that the road to mass adoption for crypto will be when changing your crypto into currency is as easy as going to your local supermarket or store. In Asia and Africa selling your crypto can take approximately 7 – 10 days, this also requires exchange fees, bank fees and transfer fees. With this is mind XchangeCoin (XCC) will build a network of retail stores / kiosks that will allow users in Asia and Africa to change crypto into currency at convenient XchangeCoin locations, options such as changing crypto into currency as well as allowing the customer to send crypto which can be converted to currency across the country to friends and family. The end game is to have stores / kiosks in America and Europe as well, allowing crypto to take on mass adaption due to the ease of transferring crypto to currency.

Signup here: https://xchangecoin.co/NewSignup.aspx

XchangeCoin Eco System
XchangeCoin is developing an eco-system that will use Blockchain technology to verify contracts. The growth factor will be where the blockchain connects all XchangeCoin locations around the world with a platform that enables a franchise model based on the Blockchain technology, which will allow for additional revenue streams.

XchangeCoin is a Peer-to-Peer technology that fuels the backbone of a global blockchain-based cryptocurrency that will use the symbol (XCC) and will be traded on major crypto exchanges as an alternative to fiat currency. The framework utilizes new distributed database designs, mathematical trust, and community governance.

Conect with us:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/XchangeCoinICO/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/XchangeCoinICO
Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/JWsyfBB0XVd0OXo_W0iB4A

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Where non-speaking nationalities can talk everything Reddcoin related and beyond.

Русскоязычная ветка на форуме.

как у вас с майнингом ? кошельку 10 месяцев, 3 сгенерированных выплаты из них только 2 засчитаны, после расхода более половины баланса сгенерированные выплаты прекратились, майнинг в статусе постоянно 44-48 дней, даже по остаточному балансу всего получено 2,5% от майнинга, клиент почти ежедневно включен по 6-12 часов, в окне отладки траффик присутствует судя по графику в основном получает больше чем отправляет

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