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[Wallet] Official Release - Reddcoin Core v2.0.1.2

@Gnasher it’s ok I figured it out now.!!!

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Simple. I have a page dedicated to that on ReddPay.me

Import private key into Reddcoin-core https://reddpay.me/about/private-keys

Even though this is intended to illustrate how to import a private key from a paper wallet, ReddPay’s concept is the same. Also, this concept applies to Mac and Windows. The menus are the same and should be easy to follow.

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Where technical questions and discussions are placed.

cant extract bootstrap file with mac?

@CoinChaos hello i see you helped someone a while ago with this. I have been to source forge and downloaded that package but it does not seem to be un “xz” ing the file. Please, are you able to assist? Many thanks

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General Marketing discussion to promote and spark ideas.

Survey of Reddcoin services

www.reddcoinpoker.com & our pokerclient located at www.rddpoker.com :)

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Reddcoin Eco-system

Buy reddcoin here (iDeal credit card etc)


Easy to use ,integrated wallets, buy low sell high, sell for credits so you have no or almost no transaction cost.

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A place to ask any questions or problems you may be experiencing.

Sent RDD to Coinbase Bitcoin Address directly

It’s impossible to send Reddcoins to a Bitcoin address, as the address type and thus the address validation differs. If Bittrex processed the withdrawal, it’s their system at fault and reaching out to their support should solve the issue.

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Reddcoin Guide for beginners

hello if understand just have stay my wallet open online i ill recive dayly intrest for satcking my coins there is that?

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Thoughts on the Photochain DApp?

Has anyone heard of photochain yet? Being a photographer and blockchain enthusiast, it caught my attention. They’re creating a secure P2P market place to trade photography with your copyrighted work on the blockchain.

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Where non-speaking nationalities can talk everything Reddcoin related and beyond.

Русскоязычная ветка на форуме.

как у вас с майнингом ? кошельку 10 месяцев, 3 сгенерированных выплаты из них только 2 засчитаны, после расхода более половины баланса сгенерированные выплаты прекратились, майнинг в статусе постоянно 44-48 дней, даже по остаточному балансу всего получено 2,5% от майнинга, клиент почти ежедневно включен по 6-12 часов, в окне отладки траффик присутствует судя по графику в основном получает больше чем отправляет

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