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Reddcoin Core 2.1

Hey someone gave me 50 reddcoin

to whoever did this thank you!

what can i do with the coins ? can i use it afterwards to buy shoes ?

More ppl can fund me if they want :P :3


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Need Users for testing


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Reddcoin startup company for Reddcoin software

I am interested in bringing together a few investors and working out a new software company that helps push Reddcoin and its development. I see so many fronts we can hit many open source software lacking what Reddcoin offers. Let me know if there is interest in this we can build this together even if you dont have skills an investment is all we will need to hire a developer though I would love if we could get developers from in house.

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Nimses in app integration

Not at this time, last I spoke to Gnasher he said he would follow up with the Nimses owner.

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Suspicion RDD developpers putting massive sell orders to slow price increase

@reddcointansu2 said in Suspicion RDD developpers putting massive sell orders to slow price increase:

I am a senior software engineer and I am so happy to be part of the Reddcoin community today; after doing so much research and i realize this is definitely one of the most undervalued coin on the market! so take it easy, let developers do their work, we;ll have exciting news soon.

Welcome! Enjoy the ride 😉

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Luckygames - The Premium Reddcoin Online Casino

We have changed the sounds in Dice and Balls games.

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Reddheads reminder again to stay active

There are open source scripts that are for helping people without a lot of money setup a website and even some ecommerce. I would like to see a reddcoin or redd id plugin available at no cost for these scripts. Scripts like wordpress or the social networking platform oxwall. One idea we could utilize now is an oxwall site that allows embedding video from any service and allowing them to accept tips. It could be dedicated to reddcoin content creators or more open to anyone but the end goal is people can trade out their credits earned into coin.and once redd id were availabel we could take said system further.

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seeking help on Reddcoin wallets etc
No block source available

@sunshinemerel If you have the wallet on your computer you already have a copy of the blockchain which is the data the wallet reads.

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Reddcoin money supply growth is well below 5%

Thank you for this post! Hence, I’m not really worried that this was a real issue. I’m more annoyed by the dact that there’s a lot of negative rumors on social media!

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Overstock now accepting Reddcoin!

Good news

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Help Merel to get her shoes

I am working on a site that allows crowdfunding using reddcoin and a few other coins.

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