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Redd-ID Updates

@Ctrent33 said in Redd-ID Updates:

@Gnasher How about adding

The current Reddcoin Tip Platform (Chrome extension) already includes “Easily tip Redd on twitter, reddit, and

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How to buy reddcoin?

Можно купить тут
Раньше можно было купить тут а сейчас можно обменять фиатные деньги на криптовалюту и перевести на биржу, чтобы купить любую криптовалюту и отправить себе в кошелёк.

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Minting on mobile phones

@DeadPool I believe I need an invite perhaps?

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I did a talk video why you should invest in Reddcoin

Considering Reddcoin is a coin focusing on social networking, I think there should be more stuff on social networking like this. There are very few videos on youtube talking about Reddcoin in comparison to other coins. More videos and representation in the media will only make Reddcoin more attractive, furthermore, activity in these forums etc make the community seem more supportive and the project therefore stronger. I think us supporters and the Reddcoin team should start addressing this lack of activity and start being more social with the project!

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Reddcoin Price Alert Website

Yea those things take time…

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offering goods and services for Reddcoin
Best places to buy Reddcoin with PayPal? , i havent tried them myself, but i heard good things about them.

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Coinfest 2017

Have spent today prepping the live stream, with a bit to do tomorrow before the big event.

If you have anything you want me to cover, drop a note below

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seeking help on Reddcoin wallets etc
Wallet constantly crashes/freezes!

@simplyredd Thank you!! That finally seemed to do the trick. I sent you a tip for your help. I really appreciate it. :)

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learn inner workings of Reddcoin and crypto in general
old miner that lost his coins

Unlike normal crypto mining, POS Wallet Mining does not require any expensive hardware, processing power or mining contracts. All you need to do is deposit some coins into one of our POS Wallets and then sit back and let your investment generate new coins for you. By combining your coins with other investors you will receive more frequent earnings that you would by going it alone, similar to regular mining.

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news published about Reddcoin

Haven’t heard from him.

@Gnasher ?

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Where are you from?

Washington, DC.

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