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[Wallet] Official Release - Reddcoin Core v2.0.1.2

@lvtion I’ve pointed out that he should check if his wallet is synced.
Got no responce after that.
So I think this was his Problem…

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My wallet is suddenly not synchronized

Hello Reddcoin community,

i have a problem with my wallet 2.0.1-win64.Until 23. June 2018 the function of my reddcoin wallet was very good and i generate my coins . Suddenly, when i start my computer, i didn´t get synchronizised with the blockchain system. I unistall may wallet, i load again the official release V2.01-win64 and i installed may back up. Nevertheless, I did not get a synchronization to the reddcoin blockchain community. The wallet shows me, that i have 8 active connections, but i don´t generate coins through staking, because the wallet shows 1 or two or 6 unripened confirmations. What happens here an what can i do? Can someone help me?

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cant extract bootstrap file with mac?

@CoinChaos hello i see you helped someone a while ago with this. I have been to source forge and downloaded that package but it does not seem to be un “xz” ing the file. Please, are you able to assist? Many thanks

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General Marketing discussion to promote and spark ideas.

buy this house by RDD

Location: Guro-gu, Seoul, Korea
Exclusive area: 25.65㎡
Housing type: Multi-family house
Price: 25,000,000 RDD
(Prices are valid until the end of June 2018, and prices after that point may change.)
Refer to YouTube
Inquiry: Application KakaoTalk (id:dazhi5)

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Reddcoin Eco-system

XCH4NGE - It's time for CH4NGE

Who are we? – https://www.xch4nge.com is a new cryptocurrency platform with a difference. Located and registered in the United Kingdom XCH4NGE will provide a platform which permits its users from across the globe to buy, sell, exchange and store their cryptocurrencies.

To become a user, you need to go through the registration process. This process includes providing some information about yourselves. Visit here to register: https://www.xch4nge.com/#RegisterNow

Information Required:

Know Your Customer

Registering as a new user? More information is available on our new user registration page and Know Your Customer Page. We also have a special section for miners looking to disclose of currency on a larger scale.

We are currently hard at work finalising the XCH4NGE platform. We will be posting regular updates with progress. To be among the first users to use our new exchange, sign up for email updates.

Buy, sell, trade, store crypto
Facilitate quick transactions
Use an advanced Peer-to-Peer system for buying and selling crypto

Want to learn more about us? Visit here:https://www.xch4nge.com/hub/

Connect with us!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/XCH4NGE/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/xch4nge1
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/xch4nge/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/xch4nge/

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Reddcoin Staking via Ubuntu Mate on Raspberry Pi 3 Model B - March 2018

A nice surprise looking at my wallet yesterday on 7/11/18. Thank you for the tip !!! Much appreciated :)

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Refresh Average Weight?

Ive herd the momentum of weight goes down after the first 4-10 days, does it make sense to withdraw then re-deposit a certain percent of coins every so often? Would that help keep momentum up on your weight?
like could it average 6% return instead of 5%?
or any other tips?

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New Faucet

New Reddcoin faucet :D


You can earn free Reddcoin every hour.

Minimum withdraw limit: 5 RDD.

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Русскоязычная ветка на форуме.

как у вас с майнингом ? кошельку 10 месяцев, 3 сгенерированных выплаты из них только 2 засчитаны, после расхода более половины баланса сгенерированные выплаты прекратились, майнинг в статусе постоянно 44-48 дней, даже по остаточному балансу всего получено 2,5% от майнинга, клиент почти ежедневно включен по 6-12 часов, в окне отладки траффик присутствует судя по графику в основном получает больше чем отправляет

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