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[Wallet] Official Release - Reddcoin Core v2.0.1.2

A new version of the purse is involved in the generation of new coins or just for storage?

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Doubt Redd Id? Please help I don´t Understand

alt text
What Address must I to put there?
(address reddcoin will be send to)

my reddcoin address,?
address reddcoin to people tip?

How if I don´t know?

what Address?

I think that my address, If the people don´t receives the rdds, it come back to me,
is that so or not?

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Where technical questions and discussions are placed.

How can I Staking Reddcoin via vps Server Ubuntu 16.04?

Please help what will be inside the file

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General Marketing discussion to promote and spark ideas.

Reddcoin Integration to the Steam Network Petition

This shit didnt work i told u nobody will accept reddcoin nowhere. Still 3 years for redd id :D waiting

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A place to ask any questions or problems you may be experiencing.

Android wallet 1.05 problem, bitte um Hilfe!


Ich habe dasselbe Problem wie Moeli1982. Im Nachgang weiß ich, dass es nicht ganz so schlau war.
ball0r, die App heißt Reddcoin Wallet und man findet sie unter diesem Link: https://reddcoin-wallet.de.aptoide.com/

Meine Adresse ist gültig, da im Reddcoin Blockchain Explorer die Transaktion angezeigt wird. Die Anzahl stimmt auch überein.

Vielen Dank im Vorraus.

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Learn the inner workings of Reddcoin and crypto-currencies in general.


Does anyone know where i can get an ReddID. Is it still not in the air??

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X Cash - Cryptocurrency of global payments

Global Payments. Fast. Secured. Low-cost. Global blockchain network to receive & send payments across the world at almost no charge - .x-cash.org/

X-CASH : Connecting cryptocurrency to the world We are offering an innovative all-in-one solution to connect merchants, customers, and banks. Thanks to disruptive blockchain technology we are able to reduce payments friction by 99% and process time close to instantaneous.

How X-CASH works

In the X-CASH network, every user is part of network where each participant is guaranteeing the safety of everyone’s funds
In recent years, several iterations and multiple layers of technology have been able to improve payments through Blockchain technology.
X-CASH aims at providing the final layer of innovation needed to take blockchain payments to mainstream adoption.

We also aim at emphasizing third-party implementation into our protocols, including traditional banking industry and building an active link to financial markets which will enable a significant increase in liquidity while decreasing the volatility of the exchange rate.

Every month, 1% of the coins are released to the community through a free airdrop. Everyone can register at no cost and get a fraction of the released amount

Sep 21, 2018

Sep 31, 2018

Remaining coins in Pool
19,000,000,000 XCASH (19%)

Coins to be released in September
1,000,000,000 XCASH (1%)


Despite being more focused on successfully launching the first version of X-CASH at the moment, we are thinking about the future of our blockchain. X-CASH 2.0 will need to address two important topics which are scalability and ground base for API development. There are 3 possibilities we have been thinking about:

Evolve our current code: This is the natural path that we currently are focusing on. It basically consists of incremental releases, that will make us progressively reach our targets while keeping cryptonote and cryptonight PoW as core code. The next release of X-CASH 1.1 is set up for the end of September.

Build a new technology/core code from scratch: This is a very interesting path as we have a few ideas we would like to work on, which include a constant size blockchain or blockchain compression. We will later detail these concepts, once we can validate our first stage development and attract more funding.

Include X-CASH in an existing protocol: We are also carrying some thought about implementing X-CASH into a more developed blockchain network. ERC20 contracts as other standards on the Ethereum blockchain could be interesting but are not viable at the moment, because they still do not address scalability. Similarly, we have been watching closely what solutions EOS is offering because they could offer some answers to the challenges we are facing.
Our conclusion is that the technology is not mature enough for the moment but we keep running parallel experiences and will revise our position accordingly, should any significant changes happen.

Whitepaper for more info : x-cash.org/downloads/XCASH_Whitepaper_1.0.pdf

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Where non-speaking nationalities can talk everything Reddcoin related and beyond.

Русскоязычная ветка на форуме.

как у вас с майнингом ? кошельку 10 месяцев, 3 сгенерированных выплаты из них только 2 засчитаны, после расхода более половины баланса сгенерированные выплаты прекратились, майнинг в статусе постоянно 44-48 дней, даже по остаточному балансу всего получено 2,5% от майнинга, клиент почти ежедневно включен по 6-12 часов, в окне отладки траффик присутствует судя по графику в основном получает больше чем отправляет

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