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RDD - Reddcoin December 7th Dev Team Official Update - Redd-ID Milestone on Production Reddcoin Blockchain and More!

Thank you for the news and keep in touch.

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When is Redd-ID released?

Better not release unfinished and untestet stuff. If it’s not fast enough: Contribute.

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Reddcoin Official Telegram Group - Tip in chat

@derghost for now unfortunately not, that’s where Redd-ID will come in providing a decentralised network!

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General Marketing discussion to promote and spark ideas.

Reddcoin Integration to the Steam Network Petition

Ok guys I think if your going to approach Steam (Valve) now would be the time. See article below. They have just dropped bitcoin as the fees were too high.


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Reddcoin Eco-system

Redd Online Windows Launcher Released 13 -12 - 2017

download speed is so slow bro. ㅠㅠ

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Reddheads reminder again to stay active

@shadowradio Awesome idea, we will have to see what comes down the pipe and take advantage of reddcoins open board.

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A place to ask any questions or problems you may be experiencing.

Getting 'Status: conflicted' in my wallet?

Whats does this mean. I haven’t used the wallet for quite a while and have only recently just started staking again. However my last two stakes I’ve received a conflicted status?

Whats does this mean?

Thanks in advance for your help!

alt text

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Can I set up receiving all generated coins to one separate address ???

i think the only way is manually transfer the staked amount to a other address within your own wallet :P

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Overstock now accepting Reddcoin!

@dudilicious yes its only in the US for now but I believe they are expanding it if they like it

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Chit-Chat about anything!

Favorite Games

My favourite games are, heroes of might and magic III, red alert2, robocraft and the elder scrolls V: skyrim.

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Where non-speaking nationalities can talk everything Reddcoin related and beyond.

iFan: The Ideal Place To Meet Your Fan

Are you a fan looking for a platform where to engage with your celebrity? iFan is the ideal place. It gives you access to transact business with your celebrity, carry out downloads, purchase real products, buy tickets, purchase and sell digital products, and exchange payment.

Your identity is protected and kept private at all times. Your tokens are protected from hackers. They are currently planning to do their presale and I think investing in such a great concept has bright prospects.

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