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Anyone successfully staking with 2.0 on ARM-based machines?

@ycz Just wanted to touch base with you that I am still working on this as I am curious.
However, it has been a great way to burn up several hours
But in the end, I have conquered it, and am now syncing with the blockchain (testnet)

Anyways, sounds like another doc to write up.

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Core wallet splash

@Gnasher I think it serves the purpose just fine. Go for it!

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Block Explorer List

@Gnasher Nice map!

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market price, trading and rumours of Reddcoin
Stable trading range - price maker vs taker

There was a pretty big pump/dump back in April. I feel like a lot of people bought in but got shocked by the rapid price collapse. Nothing is going to happen to price without platform updates. RDD has much fairer, and more even distribution amongst currency holders. The market for RDD is true-price considering massive risk factors.

I don’t check price. My take is in a few years we will be in a significantly better position on price and if I watch price I may just panic and dump too early.

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offering goods and services for Reddcoin
Official PM&GoBelle Thread; all related news, ads, contests, giveaways go here

I’m not affiliated with them but I’m interested in the Facebook + Google Plus service that they’re offering currently for free to anyone making a post on a forum about them. So… yep: you can buy Reddit upvotes from and multiple other services for traffic, product launch, search engine optimization (SEO), Voat, Hacker News (the Y-Combinator one), Quora, GrowthHackers, Snapzu, TopTopic, and so on. They can help with increasing the PeopleRank on Quora. They also provide downvotes, comments and posts (and not just on Reddit). Great company, providing a fast 24/7 service with their real personal accounts. Since this sector of marketing where they operate is generally inundated with non-sense and pretend services, they’re quite a breath of fresh air. Actually what sector of marketing is not inundated with such things? Entrepreneurs should know what I’m talking about. Hopefully no-one will be disturbed by this message and maybe it will even help a few businessmen and content creators around here. As a small review, I bought the managed traffic service from them a while back and they were able to get for my website around 47k clicks in one month (it looked quite good in Universal Analytics), which is crazy. It wasn’t anything black-hat either; the visitors came from social media posts (on Reddit and around 20 other websites), and subscription lists. I didn’t specifically buy Reddit upvotes from them (the thing they’re most known for), but I have friends that did and they’ve been beyond satisfied. As of late, they’ve also started writing articles of quality. Here’s an example related to the many Fiverr scams: I myself have bought from Fiverr almost 10 times until now and the sellers from there - when it comes to marketing - are experts in making you believe they’ve actually done something. The results don’t come, not a day later and not a month later. Thanks for reading my rant!

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News, articles and more from
Reddcoin closing in on BIP66

Reddheads news update on the progress to BIP66

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seeking help on Reddcoin wallets etc
Wallet 2.0 on OS X using a lot of CPU/Memory

@Gnasher said in Wallet 2.0 on OS X using a lot of CPU/Memory:

One of my goals is to make this as easy as possible for everyone,

Exactly my idea behind design :-)

Which reminds me, let me know if you want help with the web wallet. We could base it around the mobile UI I mocked up. As a start at least…

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learn inner workings of Reddcoin and crypto in general
How to use Transifex to translate Reddcoin to the language of your choice

Excellent - I shall do my best.

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The Daily Decrypt discussing exchanges

@Gnasher excellent, and it’s not as though your efforts are going unnoticed it seems. There has been a new life breathed into this coin lately, and this is the best way to attract attention. To earn it. So carry on as you were, and thank you very much for your efforts.

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The reward returned for each stake will be adjusted proportionally by the percentage of the network staking at the time.
For example, if only 50% of the Reddcoin are staked, those Reddcoins will generate 2x interests, i.e. 10-12%.

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