official announcements for Reddcoin
Приложение Android 9.07.2017

Я пользуюсь, работает, вся информация по RDD есть, обмен любая валюта=Reddcoin есть.
Кошелек займе немного больше времени, так как в первую очередь важна безопасность.

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general chat about Reddcoin Down

not my team. Hopefully we can move on during this weekend. If not, mayube next week.

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marketing and PR campaigns for Reddcoin
Trying to attract musician Trippie Redd on twitter @trippie1400 to possibly use ReddCoin...

keep up the good work Michelle. What are you asking for exactly? that people post to his twitter?

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market price, trading and rumours of Reddcoin
WARNING! ReddCoin is about to blast off! Time to enter this Cryptocurrency is NOW! You've been warned!!!

Nobody should be discouraged from posting what they would like. The important thing is the community is active. That’s what investors want to see. Not a dead forum. I would rather these highly speculative posts out of enthusiasm and excitement (take them for what they are worth) then there being no action at all.

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seeking help on Reddcoin wallets etc
Wallet reindexing?

@drugmaned Best in this situation is to make sure your wallet has internet connection if you see active RDD connections it should sync just fine. Good luck!

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learn inner workings of Reddcoin and crypto in general
Does reddcoin offer dividends?

I got it, thanks!

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news published about Reddcoin

Haven’t heard from him.

@Gnasher ?

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all other chat
Thank you from the bottom of my heart whoever tipped me 100K RDD.

Shocked to see this transaction pop up on my desktop and then appear in my pending transactions!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart whoever tipped me 100K RDD.

Status: 1/unconfirmed
Date: 7/23/17 18:29
From: unknown
To: RdsEXwxRveyc3HLSfBffpAApVuo2KoxSUV (own address)
Credit: 100 000.00 RDD
Net amount: +100 000.00 RDD
Transaction ID: 290097d9a2f150550f8c2d5b8b116d9b8d3b4bedae542f678b691eb29cee18e8-000
TIP PIC: [](link url)

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