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Reddcoin Core 2.1

@ashu7500265 hahahha. That why everyone should fixed it. Thing is easier to blame rather than developing.

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Coin Clone / Mentor Accepted?

@Username / Website said:

It is your opinion and it is respectable.

Thank you for setting up the civilised discussion, we wouldn’t go anywhere without it. Arguments must be made in full, and opinions allowed to shift as visions are broadened up. A hard environment weakens that.

However, I continue to believe that the cryptomonnaie MUST become a real alternative to the currency directed by our governments

Full agreement.

and that it is not by creating hundreds of thousands of “altcoins” that we’re going to achieve it one day.

Actually, I envision it as exactly that. We’re going to get there by having a BitCoin, a ReddCoin, a PotCoin and a GayCoin, as well as an AuntMarryShopCoin or a BronxCoin. It’s not a question of opinion, it’s just looking at what’s on the road ahead. If in the midst of the newfound freedom of financial tooling, one particular coin rises above others for a very broad use case, it’s just a question of who maintains control, corporate power or Open Source ethos.

Because I bet there will also be a VisaCoin :-\

There’s an alternative future which we’ve escaped from, and is not happening right now. In it, instead of having a plethora of text editors to choose from a savage ecosystem, you’re forced to use Microsoft Word, because your employer or your computer supplier made agreements to have “A Text Editor included in your computer”. This unlikely future was supposed to be happening now, and only due to the OSS alternatives making a continued effort to maintain the original engineering openness of systems, it has been derailed and replaced by an open ethos - that by the way, gave rise to crypto.

For a world-wide acceptance and general the replacing of the currency - “fiat” must be a safe and above all anonymous.

I don’t understand what this means, is it supposed to tie to the case in point? We weren’t opposing anything to fiat, and fiat IS anonymous, when used as cash - an enviable property that’s kept ‘money’ as an acceptable means of exchange throughout the years - something cryptos still strive for. I don’t see where this ties in.

Sorry to go a bit on a philosophical tirade there, I just saw some assumptions there and wanted to make sure my point was clear.

I’m not out making a RedCoin competitor. If anything, I’m using its technology to make a hobbyist’s coin, the same way I’d do a custom Emacs theme for a university. Translation: not a threat.


Always, and appreciated. Best to all.

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Reddcoin has been quiet

I would like to double down on some reddcoins…just a little concern about it dropping to 2 sats? what keeps it at this level? what are the chances of it dipping? new here

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RDD on

@huebby I know…In reality, there’s no easy way to get rid of people who just absolutely want to be someplace where both everyone knows their name, and hates them…

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Luckygames - The Premium Reddcoin Online Casino

New contest started and cells game is back ;)

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Bitcoin fork looking increasingly likely

This is a bit of a simplistic explanation. In truth, hodlers get coins on both forks so they can sit on their hands and do nothing and will definitely come out with exactly what they started with. However, the fork still affects holders DURING the split as a couple of hours where they need to be REALLY careful about where they spend their bitcoin. It also provides an opportunity for hodlers who think they know which side is going to win to sell on one fork and buy from

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seeking help on Reddcoin wallets etc
Waiting for network online

Okay, seemed to have solved my own problem. Whilst it was autoconnecting with root, it was not doing the same as a user.

I ended up adding “addnode [node ip]” to the reddcoin.conf file, and this then connected and started connecting to other nodes in the network.

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learn inner workings of Reddcoin and crypto in general
Some Questions on Staking

@Buchi-88 check out my Ubuntu Reddcoin Core staking tutorial ->

If you are unknown to installing Ubuntu on a raspberry pi check out this tutorial ->

I’ve never had experience with a raspberry but there is plenty of walkthroughs online on how to compile it.

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Overstock now accepting Reddcoin!

@dudilicious yes its only in the US for now but I believe they are expanding it if they like it

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WinXRP - XRP Ripple Gambling (Crash Mode)

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Provably Fair Crash Style (bustabit) game played with XRP (Ripple)


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YABC – (Yet Another Busta Clone?!) – Yes! In addition to the reasons above, we believe that the ‘crash’ style game will be a classic internet game in the future. In the same way that most casinos have Blackjack. At the same time, we believe that there are a number of great bonus options and features to be explored.

Answers to most questions can be found here: WinXRP.Com/faq

Do you accept investments in the bankroll? – At this time we are not accepting contributions to the bankroll in an automated fashion. Mostly this is because we don’t have the accounting measures in place to appropriately track this and it would quickly become a logistical nightmare. A system using smart contracts is being looked into. If you’re interested in investing in the site please initiate a conversation with us via our contact form.

Do you have an affiliate program? – Nothing official at this point but if you’re interested reach out to us and we can talk.

Please let us know if you have any questions and/or feedback. Good luck!

-------☆ WinXRP.Com - Winners Welcome ☆-------

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