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State of the Redd-Nation :: October 01, 2017

@Aliocha : Thanks for being positive about the coin among all the haters. Hope they will move on and things here develop further like they do since a couple of days.

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general chat about Reddcoin
Buying Reddcoin

If you have btc then head to or to exchange your btc for rdd

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technical questions about Reddcoin
Official news posted on Reddit

Glad to here finally some progress! Keep up the good work and the communication. Thanks!

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marketing and PR campaigns for Reddcoin
Website to write articles for reddcoin

For spam to be deleted without trials! Honest users award the coins output from the 100 coins, translate the user Simoun in the message provide your Reddcoin wallet. We hope to see You as our guest!Do you have questions ? We have the answers!

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market price, trading and rumours of Reddcoin
Reddcoin to start the real climb?

@Gazur: Thanks for working out this analysis. Hope you are right.

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offering goods and services for Reddcoin
Cloud mining Reddcoin

@nordlove said in Cloud mining Reddcoin:

@onyema While this is not possible

Ok. Thanks

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News, articles and more from

@Aliocha Amazing

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seeking help on Reddcoin wallets etc
sync problem, wallet 2.00

Hi!ok but there is the problem that the day load indicator (syncro) is always at 2 days stopping at synchronizing. he always says he is synchronizing with the network. I can not figure out where the problem or network or wallet is. I heard they are working in reddcoin can they be them?

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learn inner workings of Reddcoin and crypto in general
Some Questions on Staking

@Buchi-88 check out my Ubuntu Reddcoin Core staking tutorial ->

If you are unknown to installing Ubuntu on a raspberry pi check out this tutorial ->

I’ve never had experience with a raspberry but there is plenty of walkthroughs online on how to compile it.

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news published about Reddcoin
Overstock now accepting Reddcoin!

@dudilicious yes its only in the US for now but I believe they are expanding it if they like it

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all other chat
What do you think about Upfiring?

This is their website:
They are currently in the process of building the Desktop app which should be released in Q4 of this year. Their project is pretty unique - it’s similar to SoulSeekQT and uTorrent, but uses the blockchain and Upfire tokens (UFR) to compensate seeders when their files are downloaded. As far as I know, it’s a unique concept that isn’t being done by any other projects in the crypto space.


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