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RDD Bounties for tracking unkept dates

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Bounties offered for tracking promised and missed delivery dates
Details in the post

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general chat about Reddcoin
Redd ID: should some names be reserved ?

@Redd said in Redd ID: should some names be reserved ?:

Hmm interesting question, are there any www addresses that are illegal?

depends where you are

take e.g. the Chinese users and exchanges influx recently into Reddcoin.
I’m sure the Chinese government has some laws regarding that.

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technical questions about Reddcoin
New slack opened up for Developers

@Codestroyer @reddmon2 have updated the OP with a new signup method, and the code will not expire

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marketing and PR campaigns for Reddcoin
New Coin and Exchange Review

Let’s do more comments on revex and say how great our Reddcoin coin is.

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market price, trading and rumours of Reddcoin
Bittrex volume low

well i use only bittrex and buy rdd often there.

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offering goods and services for Reddcoin
want to buy reddcoins

okay then i am buying from someone else over third hand is there someone who is selling rdd?

i want to buy 10 millions if someone is selling pm me

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Reddheads newsletter pause in December

On one or two occasions over the past couple of years I have not had the time to publish the Reddheads newsletter - I’m in the same position for December.

I’m at a critical juncture at the day job with a major handover of responsibilities and the end of the year is always very busy (this year exceptionally so), so please accept my apologies but there will be no newsletter tomorrow.

Looking forward to providing a major update to the community with the next newsletter, in a few weeks’ time!

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seeking help on Reddcoin wallets etc
Syncing Wallet v2 for new users is nightmare

@mdngt I do agree…
Running a full node (just like many other coins) needs a certain level of commitment.
As a note, i have been using the electrum wallet personally as a second wallet for testing.
The plan is to make electrum wallet more broadly acceptable

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learn inner workings of Reddcoin and crypto in general
old miner that lost his coins

Unlike normal crypto mining, POS Wallet Mining does not require any expensive hardware, processing power or mining contracts. All you need to do is deposit some coins into one of our POS Wallets and then sit back and let your investment generate new coins for you. By combining your coins with other investors you will receive more frequent earnings that you would by going it alone, similar to regular mining.

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news published about Reddcoin
X-post from /r/reddcoin: RDD is Back and the Future is Bright

@mdngt it wont take much.
I am happy for those you remain, they will get the first look at what is to come and have the most say in the direction

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all other chat
Where are you from?

Global community/ Global friends

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