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New Reddcoin Electrum server online!

@lionzeye When are you joining the official Reddcoin team? They need people like you!

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can someone please help me with syncing?

Dont forget to add your Reddcoin wallet address to your profile to enable tipping guys!

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Разработка приложений на базе Android

Пока что переслать RDD можно только другими монетами, обменяв например Doge, Bitcoin=RDD-Reddcoin. 2.0_5269564.apk

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RDD can get to the Poloniex trading platform?

@DeadPool said in RDD can get to the Poloniex trading platform?:

at that time, very low volume

We will fix it xD

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RDD Please

@AndrewSalvatore Add your Tip RDD address on profile > Settings > Reddcoin Tip Settings.

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Reddcoin - Keeping neutrality of Internet, Free Press... Save people from unemployment wave..

I agree completely. Depending on one’s talent level and the content they can contribute people may be able to make a living a off tips for sure. One has to buy into a the vision of interdependence and be willing to sacrifice a small portions of reddcoin in order to support one another in order to keep and keeping a decentralized content economy going. Eventually I believe it will become common place like tipping waiters, bartenders, valet drivers,other professions that mainly rely. You don’t even think twice about it because you know that those people rely on tips for the majority of their income and it is now just part of our culture. Through increased use of the coin i believe this paradigm shift will occur. Doesn’t mean you have to tip everyone and the amount will vary based on the service and content just like in the real world. Some people make a lasting impression and provide wonderful service so you want to be extra generous. I for one am sick and tired of being bombarded with advertisements and attempted brainwashing everywhere I look, on the net, on television, at sporting events, on the radio with media companies attempting to milk and squeak every single dollar possible out of the public. I believe we are really viewed as robots by these corporations who spend millions to study our mental trends and smother us with their messages and products.


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seeking help on Reddcoin wallets etc
No block source available

I’m at block 1747469, and it says: No block source available. 8 active connections. I’ve restarted the wallet. Please advise.

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Does reddcoin offer dividends?

I got it, thanks!

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Haven’t heard from him.

@Gnasher ?

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Thank you to become stronger

We learned to thank the saleswoman in the bakery when she gave us candy. A passerby who returned the ball to us. Thank you for this, thanks for that - all the well-bred people say this without hesitation. However, true gratitude is worth a lot more effort. First of all, because it puts us in a weak position in relation to the other. We recognize that we needed another person, depended on him, which means that we also recognize that we are not self-sufficient and can feel indebted to him. But thanks are needed for emotional balance. Expressing gratitude to another, we will long enjoy satisfaction and joy.

Expressing gratitude to another, we will long enjoy satisfaction and joy

The philosopher Martin Buber called it the “I-you” meeting. Expressing gratitude, we leave ourselves and jump into the unknown of the meeting, overcoming our own limits. This frankness teaches us what we did not know about ourselves, because we were not sufficiently open, meeting ourselves. "To move towards another, you need to know the starting point well. You need to know yourself and be with you, "Martin Buber wrote. Gratitude is movement outside of ourselves, toward another, which ennobles and elevates us.

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