official announcements for Reddcoin
[Redd-ID] Tip UI Demo

Next step is to include a basic wallet, so that the entire project is self contained.

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general chat about Reddcoin
Hello everyone ! I do not understand anything anymore.

Maybe tell your friends about it. Make your wallet into a full note. Buy some coins and stake them and tip people on reddit. Maybe tip the devs for their work :)

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technical questions about Reddcoin
New slack opened up for Developers

@Codestroyer @reddmon2 have updated the OP with a new signup method, and the code will not expire

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marketing and PR campaigns for Reddcoin

i trow 100k rdd worth of balls each game :)

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market price, trading and rumours of Reddcoin
Forming a strong base at 2 satoshi

If you have been watching the Bittrex order book over the last couple of weeks you will have seen the buy orders at 2 satoshi thicken up from BTC3 to now BTC14. The market seems to be building a solid base at 2 which at least in the short/medium term should prevent the price going any lower. Meanwhile the sell orders at 3 satoshi have been thinning out and are now down to BTC5. That’s still a few days of average trading turnover, so don’t expect a price increase from 2-3 to 3-4 for a while yet. But momentum is certainly heading in the right direction.

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offering goods and services for Reddcoin, unity3d,

Working on it…the sad thing about unity is that is doesn’t work with any .net framework past 3.5…and my dll is 4.5. Can’t downgrade it unless I drop newtonsoft… so either reference my custom dll in and make json calls from the game through the website’says api…OR, create a custom server backend that can be used to make the requests to the wallet rpc and sql server.

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seeking help on Reddcoin wallets etc
Syncing Wallet v2 for new users is nightmare

@mdngt I do agree…
Running a full node (just like many other coins) needs a certain level of commitment.
As a note, i have been using the electrum wallet personally as a second wallet for testing.
The plan is to make electrum wallet more broadly acceptable

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learn inner workings of Reddcoin and crypto in general
old miner that lost his coins

Unlike normal crypto mining, POS Wallet Mining does not require any expensive hardware, processing power or mining contracts. All you need to do is deposit some coins into one of our POS Wallets and then sit back and let your investment generate new coins for you. By combining your coins with other investors you will receive more frequent earnings that you would by going it alone, similar to regular mining.

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news published about Reddcoin

Haven’t heard from him.

@Gnasher ?

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all other chat
Where are you from?

Reddcoiners are a pretty diverse crowd huh? Vermont, USA I know, I know :’-(

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